• A Legacy of Voices for Us:

    Recording and sharing the

    cherished memories and voices of

    families, couples, friends and communities

    through interviews facilitated by

    professional journalists & writers


  • Deepen the Connection


    Capture your loved one's voice and memories with the help of our caring professionals


    A recorded audio history allows the younger and older generations to begin sharing more memories, more stories, more connection

  • Ensure that Memories & Voices Never Fade

    Stories are captured, forever, in your family members' own voices

    Leave a Legacy for Future Generations


    A digital history for today's children, their children, and their own grand children



  • Communities

    & Teams


    Capture your group's past history, present richness, and hopes for the future



    Each community church has a history, a heartbeat, a shared experience that an oral history can help strengthen

    Charity Organizations

    An oral history rewards employees, volunteers and sponsors with a cherished memory of shared contributions


    Whether a thriving small business, or a great department, or project team in a larger organization, we help capture the stories, practices and cultural values that defined your success

    Teams & Other Groups

    Whether your group is based on a shared love of nature, sport, profession or industry, an audio history can help reward people today and inspire others tomorrow

  • The Right Way to Capture History that Matters

    Benefits of Our Unique Approach:

    Human Touch

    + Digital Tools

    Our professional journalists do interviews that draw out the best stories and capture the true spirit of people.


    We index/tag each audio recording so it is easy to find and hear about a given individual, place, or event


    These searchable audio files are published to a custom webpage that you can make available to as few (or as many) people you want


  • An Audio History for Many Occasions

    Our most popular packages:


    Company or Larger Organization (for 15 to 20+ people)
    Whether a company, church, charity, or work team that has accomplished something together, our professional interviewers will capture the stories that illustrate why this group was special. Up to 20 people can be interviewed (or up to 40 if interviews are done in pairs).
    The result:
    - Approx. 50 hours of oral history, indexed/tagged for quick reference
    - Group webpage to share the history with your group or the whole world for 12 mo free
    Larger Family or Small Community (typically 6-10 people)
    Whether it's a big circle of relatives, or the extended "family" you built through your church, charity, or favorite hobby, there's no better way to capture the history than through a professionally-facilitated set of interviews for up to 10 people.
    The result:
    - Approx. 30 hours of oral history, indexed/tagged for quick reference
    - Group webpage to share the history with friends and family, your community, or the whole world for 12 mo. free
    Small family's history (for 3-4 different family members)
    Capture your family history through the voices & memories of both younger and older relatives. A professional interviewer will facilitate multiple sessions with each person (up to 4 in total), making sure that the "best" family stories are told through multiple people's perspective!
    The result:
    - Approx. 15 hours of oral history, indexed/tagged for quick reference
    - Family webpage to share the history with friends and family for 12 mo. free
    Couple's History - for Weddings & Anniversaries
    What better gift for the couple whose love has warmed the lives of friends or family? Give 5 hours of professionally-facilitated interviews from up to 8 people, to share how the couple met, fell in love, had great times, and impacted others' lives.
    The result:
    - Approx. 4-5 hours of oral history, indexed/tagged for quick reference
    - Couple's webpage to share the history either before, during or after the wedding or anniversary for 12 mo. free
    One Person's Audio History
    Capture the life story of a grandparent, parent, sibling or dear friend through 10 hours of interviews facilitated by a professional journalist/writer.
    The result:
    - Approx. 10 hours of digital audio history, indexed/tagged for quick reference
    - Personal webpage to share the history with friends and family for 12 mo. free